February is often considered winter’s home stretch before spring, but just because the end is in sight doesn’t mean homeowners can let down their guard. It’s still cold out, and the heater is still working hard to keep the home nice and cozy. Heating systems may develop issues after months of near-constant operation.

Unfortunately, heater problems can sneak up on homeowners, and in some cases, homeowners may not know anything is wrong until the heater stops working altogether. And by that point, the damage may be extensive. That’s why it’s vital for homeowners to catch problems as early as possible so they can call for heater repair and avoid shelling out for massive repairs or a premature heater replacement. Read on for some common warning signs that the heater needs repair.

Unusually High Utility Bill

Periods of especially cold weather can cause the utility bill to rise as the heating system works harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature – there’s nothing too shocking there. But if the energy bill shoots up without explanation, there may be a problem with the heater.

In this case, the first thing to check is if the air filters are dirty and need to be replaced. A dirty air filter can impede airflow and reduce efficiency. But several other problems can also cause the heater to work harder than it should, driving up energy bills. These include a faulty blower motor, malfunctioning gas burners or heating elements, damaged air ducts, and more, making high utility bills a sign to call for heater repair.

Strange Sounds or Smells

Every heating system will produce some common sounds on startup, like the whirring of the fan motor, the gentle puff and hiss of gas burners igniting, or the light thuds of the ductwork expanding and flexing. But other sounds aren’t so normal and often indicate serious trouble. Loud booming may indicate delayed gas ignition; screeching or grinding often denotes a broken bearing, worn fan belt, or failing motor, and rattling and clanging can point to a broken mechanical component.

Likewise, homeowners may notice a slight burning dust smell the first few times they fire up their heater. But if that burning smell continues, the heating system may be overheating. Burning smells can also indicate faulty wiring or issues with the gas burners. Musty smells may indicate mold growth in the ducts or inside the heater, and a rotten egg smell could indicate a gas leak. So, if homeowners notice these unusual sounds or odors, they should call for heating repair immediately, as some of these can be extremely dangerous issues.

The Home Isn’t Getting Warm Enough

Perhaps the most obvious sign that it’s time for heater repair is if the system isn’t producing adequate warmth. Homeowners should call for heater repair when noticing any temperature issues, whether cool air is coming from the vents, they have weak airflow, cold spots throughout the house, or the home never reaches the desired temperature.

These issues can be caused by many things, such as faulty burners or heating elements, a malfunctioning blower motor, a faulty thermostat, or several other issues. Not only can these issues leave the house feeling chilly and uncomfortable, but they can also cause further damage to the unit if left unaddressed, so a technician should be called to inspect and fix the heating system if any of the signs of a faulty heater are noticed.

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